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Mar 5, 2012 2:00am PST
. this includes an indiana toddler that was found alive in a field on saturday. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: this morning across tornado alley, battered communities are preparing for anything but a normal monday. the message seems a bit obvious. like so much here, henryville high school has been torn apart. there are, though, other signs of survival. some life brings the steady rhythm of crews looking to pull away and pile up what they can. others sifting through the rubble by hand to find anything they might be able to save. evidence of their lives before the storm. >> she's probably 70. and she lost everything except what we can pull out. >> reporter: more than three dozen families already know they won't find any help or hope in this debris. they lost loved ones in the storm. one of those, 15-month-old angel babcock. first responders found her fighting for her life in this field. her mom, dad, brothers, already dead. yesterday, angel passed away after being pulled from life support. her grandfather showed his emotions. >> my pastor is going in with me. we were going to pray
Mar 5, 2012 2:05am EST
weather is hitting henryville, indiana after summer-like killer tornadoes tore through the area. abc's ginger zee is there. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. yesterday we flew over the tornadic annihilation. we've seen a lot of images like this on the ground. but to see it from above was something completely different. when you see all of the homes wiped from their foundation, you see the trees that have been snapped and plucked from that huge tornado, and really when you fly above it it gives you that width or that breadth that it covered, at times a half a mile, this ef 4 monster had winds of 175 miles per hour. and boy, could you see it from up there in that chopper. so we went over not only the town of pekan, where poor baby angel at this time we found was taken off life support. and that was that one family who now was altogether taken from that tornado. but in pekan the tornado then moves to henryville. from there to marysville, where one church stands alone. so many stories of lucky survival because this tornado was just a monster. ginger zee, abc
FOX News
Mar 3, 2012 3:00pm PST
in henryville, indiana. check in with mike tobin, first. >> rick, everywhere is a profound scene of destruction. this house the roof the house was blown off. the location is right across the street from the henryville high school where students were sheltering in place. the local emergency authorities say this is proof that the air early warning system worked because of all of the people sheltering in the high school only one person was killed. i want to show you amateur video out of pe pekin indiana where you can see the funnel cloud forming in the sky and reaching its fury and reaching down toward the earth and cutting its path of destruction. we now know from the national weather service debris was pulled some 5,000 feet in the air before it was deposited. we also know as the tornado was working its way along the ground four people on that particular scene were are killed. marysville indiana. wiped out an entire town. back out here live you can see the power crews restoring power engaged in what is now the primary activity. there are no more people unaccounted for so the primary activities a
Mar 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
and indiana. several states in the midwest were rocked by dozens of tornadoes friday. 39 people have been condition con -- confirmed dead, including 15-year-old angel babcock who was thrown into a field. medics rushed her to the hospital but she later died of her injuries. >>> on the west coast, people are a little on edge this evening after two earthquakes. officials say back-to-back earthquakes shook the san francisco bay area at 5:00 p.m. according to the u.s. geological survey, just seconds later, the area was rocked again by a 4-point magnitude tremor. there are no reports of injuries or damage. >>> this was the scene just a little while ago here in maryland. as you can see, snow flurryless. that's what was here on television hill. any more where that came from? let's go to meteorologist bernadette woods, tracking live doppler radar. >> reporter: we're going to go to live doppler radar. and things are calming down. first up, though, there was some light snow across southern maryland and lower parts of the eastern shore. at this point, all we're seeing, just a couple of flurries out t
Mar 5, 2012 4:00am PST
, including an indiana toddler found alive in a field saturday. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: this morning across tornado alley, battered communities are preparing for anything but a normal monday. the message seems a bit obvious. like so much here, henryville high school has been torn apart. there are, though, other signs of survival. sunlight brings the steady rhythm of crews working to pull away and pile up what they can. others sifting through the rubble by hand to find anything they might be able to save, evidence of their lives before the storm. >> she's probably 70, and she lost everything except what we can pull out. >> reporter: more than three dozen families already know they won't find any help or hope in this debris. they lost loved on iesthis storm. one of those gone, 15-month-old angel babcock. after the storm, first responders found the toddler fighting for her life in this field. her mom, dad, and two brothers already dead. yesterday angel passed away after being pulled from life support. her grandfather shared his emotions just before he made the agonizing de
Mar 6, 2012 5:30pm PST
on top of all of them. we get her story tonight from nbc's tom costello in henryville, indiana. >> reporter: huddled in the basement with a massive tornado bearing down on their new home, stephanie decker had just seconds to protect 8-year-old domenic and 5-year-old reese, so she wrapped them in a blanket and laid on top of them just as the house started coming apart. >> everything was just slamming into my back. i had my children in the blanket and they were screaming. mommy, i can't live without you, i don't want to die, please don't let me die. i said, you're not going to die, we're going to make it. >> reporter: when the storm cleared the home had been wiped from its foundation. stephanie and the kids were buried. >> i took my phone and made a video to my husband -- telling him i love him. >> reporter: it was domenic who climbed out and ran for help. a neighbor, sheriff's deputy brian lovens came running with friends to find stephanie with a severed leg and bleeding heavily. >> she's like, i'm dying. i ain't going to let you die. >> reporter: using a belt as a tourniquet th
Mar 6, 2012 9:00am EST
a tornado in indiana, sheltering them in hii mobile home.but it swept them away, ltimatell pilling all fiie, including 14-month-old angel babcock. miller urvived, but said he sawwdeath at his door."i put my arm kind of over angel and got her to get down, you know. i was liie down. i told her; i said, 'lay doww flat!' anddi just kind of reached y arms and said 'get in close! lay down flat!' that'sslike the only thing i rememmer saying, and i juut started praying."a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids, but shh ended up losing one llg bove the knee and the other leg abovv the ankle."i was reaching around holding ttem, and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them.""i had in missourr gottsomething - precious back."an engagement &pring i gave my wife 10 years ago.""i was just kepp digging and digging until we got to where it was at. with all this sttff here. how do you find it?""i called her and she was senator mitch mcconnell says fema has started damage assessment in the hard-hit town of west liberty."we'll do everythhng weecan to try
Mar 27, 2012 10:00pm EDT
on the recovery. >> communities like henryville, indiana, are slowly recovering after tornadoes devastated the region less than a month ago. along with homes, memories are also lost. >> nice family photo. >> victoria george isn't a roofer or a carpenter, but she is rebuilding lives through her facebook page called, i found your memory. >> i lost some images before in a fire and i knew what that was like. these are things you can't get back. >> through the page, items found as far away as west virginia are coming home to southern indiana. one of the most consistent posters to georgia's page, the boone county jail, work detail cleaning the side of the road keeps a sharp eye out. >> it may look like garbage, but if it's a picture, old checks, you know, anything that is a possibility that could be from that tornado, they're going to hold on to it. >> when lori was reunited with her high school diploma, she received much more than a document. muddy decree was a symbol of the kindness of strangers. >> she framed it. margie meyer framed it for me and nailed it on back. you know, that makes
Mar 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. the wizards are in indiana tonight. off the steel and the take, this dog is serious. he just post arises jose. the result was the same. 15th loss. let's go to the other one. blake griffon has crazy abilities. his dog is like anything else in the league. it should be more than two. . . his dunk is like and nothing else in the league. blake griffin with the dunk of the night. >> there is a german soccer team that has not scored a goal and five games. they are the only fans in the stadium that brought their rose 2.2 the way of the opposing goal. and they scored the first goal in five games. all you carolina fans, hear this. they are all putting their names into the draft and leaving school early. 4/5ths of the starting lineup at north carolina are all gone. >> that is a dagger in the heart. >> less than 24 hours to enter to win thousands of dollars in patio furniture. >> that comes to us and thanks to offenbachers. we will announce the winner friday at 5:00. >> pretty good. >> it would be nice to sit on the patio and enjoy the weather. >> tonight it will get chilly. frost advisory north and west
Mar 2, 2012 4:00am PST
. >> mystery solved. bird's currently one of the top guys over at the indiana pacers. he used to play for the boston celtics, a favorite team of twitter's cofounder. so, just to complete the circumstance until all this -- yes, larry himself does have a twitter account. >> and you'll get right on that, following him, right? >> i'm new to twitter. i like it. i'll check it out. but you're addicted though. not as bad as you. >>> for some of you, your local news is next. >>> for everyone else, we'll be back with the days of the missing elephant. it used to be right there. or was it there? or over there? we're right back. specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. the only moisturizer for me? cerave. [ male announcer ] ce
Mar 26, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >>> a great weekend for rick santorum. he scored a blowout win in the indiana primary. it earned him just ten delegates. the primary calendar is headed to the northeast. he's not expected to do as well there. >>> it's one month since a young man was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. the man who shot martin is not speaking publicly about the incident, but his attorney and friend spoke to david muir. >> reporter: across the nation the rallies in support of trayvon martin, the unarmed teen shot and killed by the head of the neighborhood watch. anger growing because the man with the gun, george zimmerman, hasn't been charged. i sat down with zimmerman's lawyer. how does he react? >> i think he's surprised at the way things have taken off. it's become a national issue. that issue calling him a racist. that's not who george zimmerman is. >> you're going to argue this was a case of self-defense. >> the evidence will show that. yeah. >> are you going to use the stand your ground defense? >> i believe that will be applicable in this case. >> reporter: the stand your ground defense. someone who
Mar 22, 2012 2:00am PDT
. the rainfall forecast for the next 48 hours push ies into indiana and the southeast. in atlanta, most of the day is dry. this afternoon is wet. veronica, the temperatures, if we get the sun out this afternoon could be in the mid-70s from d.c. to boston. enjoy it all over again. >> i am definitely celebrating. where is your spring outfit? >> tomorrow. >> all right. he said it. a strange new business name and owning elvis' blue suede shoes. the business headlines is straight ahead. >>> coming up, a birthday wish comes through. unprecedented suspension by the nfl. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] say goodbye to "ho-hum," and hello to "whoa, yum." use campbell's cream of chicken soup to make easy enchiladas, cheesy chicken & rice, and other chicken dishes that are campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. your finances can't manage themselves. but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can. a certified financial planner professional. cfp. let's make a plan. tells the neighbors all abo
Mar 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
. no pressure. this comes to us from wave three 3 news in louisville, kentucky, nearby marysville, indiana, some college students are spending a different kind of spring break. international students from purdue are volunteering for cleanup in the wake of this month's deadly tornados. more than 80 students from countries like india, nigeria, china are helping pick up debris and clearing the roads there. many say they have never seen tornado destruction close up until now, so it's really motivating them to get out and help the community they've sort of been adopted into. it's amazing. great thing for them to do. >> a lot of people in our country don't realize we have by far the most tornados. just the way the mountains, the rockies are, it's the formula for them. >> and you see the kind of destruction they cause. >> yeah. >> all right. bill, thanks so much. >>> i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. it is a mild start for us but we have some light rain in s
Mar 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
a federal disaster. the tornado was a string of violent storms that hit the midwest. two state, indiana and kentucky, were granted federal disaster relief. we'll take a quick break on this tuesday morning. coming up, who's getting blame for the rising cost in gas. >>> plus shrks e cut a deal with prosecutors, so why isn't the girlfriend, heidi bulger, going to testify against him. >>> first, scott pelley has a preview of tonight's cbs nightly news. >> he was bullied. this 12-year-old boy decided to tail croak. 85 pounds lighter he's motivating his family and his community to phyto beesty. meet this young man tonight on cbs evening news. romyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can plan my days and accomplish more. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right
Mar 13, 2012 4:00am EDT
, it was a string of violent storms that hi the midwest. two states, indiana and kentucky were granted federal relief. >>> whoo owes getting blame for the rising cost of gas. plus, she cut a deal with prosecutors so why isn't she going to testify against him. >>> first, scott pelley has a preview of tonight's cbs nightly news. >> he was bullied. he's decided to take control. 58 pounds lighter he's promoting his family ands to phyto beesty. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can plan my days and accomplish more. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurr
Mar 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
henryville, indiana, where residents have a new problem to contend with. snow. >> reporter: utility crews are working to restore power. downed power lines and gas leaks are the biggest concerns. at this high school worker -- workers use heavy equipment to scoop up the wreckage. courtney cummings is a freshman. >> i want to be there. i want to see my teachers, my friends employ. >> reporter: school has been canceled for at least the rest of the week. >> reporter: work crews and businesses are wasting no time cleaning up henryville. and insurance companies can be seen all around town, getting the claims process started. >> it's going to take a long time to rebuild. but this is a great community. and there's a lot of hope here. we're going to get through it. >> reporter: angel babcock is the storm's rescue. she died two days later. her father, mother, and two siblings also died. in north carolina, a tornado sucked 7-year-old jamal stevens out of his home and threw him hundreds of feet toward a nearby interstate. >> the top half of the house, when it came off, it took him with it. and he was
Mar 8, 2012 5:00am EST
out in indiana and pushing into western ohio will not got in here until maybe 10:00 tonight. up ahead of it, breezy conditions and we will cloud up later this affect. we will have high temperatures in the low 70s. humidity, 80%. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. you guys are missing it. sarah is yawning at my forecast. here is your forecast for today, 71 in washington. 67 in winchester and some clouds later today. >> it is just such relaxing weather. that is what it is, tucker. >> : like a summer breeze. we should ask julie to cue the warm weather dance she showed me yesterday. i thought it was so cute. give us a little. >> oh, my god, will. >> don't encourage it. >> there you go. >> you got to come out of your shell more often. >> you do dance on demand. wow! >> it is like one of the little snow globes you just shake. that's me. i know but it is a feel good kind. day out on the roads too. we are offy to apretty good start. no problems to report here northbound along i-95 as you work your way out of the woodbridge and continuing up towards newington. you are at speed there.
Mar 10, 2012 10:00pm EST
in the u.s., tornado cleanup continues after twisters tore through five states. in indiana, members of the colts join residents to clean up in henryville and they gave people in the battered area optimism for the future of their community. >>> and giving them this hope and there is some hope still. you have folks going to help you through this. >> the people continue to pick up the pieces and they'll get help from the government. yesterday, president obama proved federal aid for counties affectioned by the tornados in kentucky and indiana. >>> and from maryland's eastern shore, they're investigating a small body found. it's identified as conrad snuff jr. of leesburg. he was 85 years old. the marine employees found him this morning and doesn't look like there was some foul play. >>> d.c. police closed another night club. this time, the island cafe and that is in the 800 block of upshire street northwest. the man was stabbed in the stomach and is expected to survive. the club will be shut down for a few days while there is an investigation on the alcoholic beverage control board. >>>
Mar 6, 2012 8:00am PST
has been resolved and is confident it was an isolated incident. >>> now to henryville, indiana. you've seen the stories of survival and devastation from the tornadoes. but probably nothing as incredible as the story of stephanie decker. >> this is what's left of the decker's home after two tornadoes blew through henryville, indiana. but just before the devastation struck, stephanie decker didn't think twice. she immediately grabbed her 5 and 8-year-old boys, covering them with a blanket, shielding them from the debris. >> i was reaching around, holding them, and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them. >> reporter: but the wreckage did hit her, breaking seven ribs, almostsevering both of her legs. >> i had two steel beams on my legs, and i couldn't -- i couldn't move. i was stuck. >> reporter: but the worst wasn't over. a second twister headed righted for stephanie's family. pinned down by the steel beams, she covered her two children again. >> and they're screaming, mommy, i can't live without you, i don't want to die. please don't let me die. >> reporter: un
Mar 23, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of his stops in indiana. >> not only did he pass romney here, which is a government-run health care program that has insurance mandate, fines if you don't buy insurance, beating for the employer and the employee, and, of course, has all of these bells and whistles taos what policy you can buy, how you're going to buy it, who you're going to buy it from, just like obama care. >> that, of course, was rick santorum and not mitt romney, but i bet you knew that. senior cnn correspondent joe johns is in louisiana for oopsz tomorrow's republican prez kennke -- presidential primary. how much did they get on the campaign trail? >> reporter: well, candy, it was certainly one of the things driving the day, i think you could say that for a lot of reasons. number one, the in fact this is the anniversary of the president's plan, also the fact that the supreme court stake it up next week. kate talked a little bit about that. mitt romney in metairie, louisiana, kicked off the day talking about the health care plan quite a bit talking about repeal of the plan, replacement of the plan. he had an op e
Mar 5, 2012 10:00pm EST
&take graphic - brokeredchristienew jersey governor chris brokereddaneilsindiana's mitch danielsatake graphic - brokeredbusghand florida's former governor jeb bush mentioned as "ddeam candidates" i'm joel d smith reporting. see all of the storres about the race for the white house on our website...go to fox- baltimore dot com... and click on the "vote 2012" icon in the news features section...all of the stories onnour website are ruuh limbaugh...// apologized to... sandra fluke.../ on... the air today../.áábutáá ásheá... appeared on t-v.... to... speak her mind. mind.last week... / limbaugh called her a slut... for speaking favor .../ of... health care covvrage ...of... birth connrol pills...///.áásponsorráá began...dropping out of limbaugh's shoo....///he posted an apology... on his website.../ saturday../.ááandáá' talked... about it... on his show today....//ááflukeáá wasn't... buying it. "the apology was hearttelt, the apology was sincere." "i don't think a statement like this where he is saying his choice of words was not the best, uh chang
Mar 24, 2012 1:30pm EDT
of the gentleman has expired. the chair recognizes now the gentleman from indiana, mr. sharp. and then the gentleman from california, mr. moorhead. >> thank you, very much, mr. chairman. mrs. clinton, you and your task force are to be highly complimented for reaching out, learning and the rigor with which you have put together these proposals, and what everyone agrees is one of the most complicated and the most profoundly perm issue that we have ever had in the united states congress. and as the president and the vice president and the congress and others try to reinvent government, we all have your model to follow for quality work, which is what the american people want from the taxpayers. and i think are unquestionably getting. i must say too, i think that leadership has put us into a position that we can truly do something about this issue. but i think the onus is now on us to follow that example, do the same kind of thorough, rigorous work. and most importantly, consult with our people back home. and you and the president have again led in this in a critical way, because
Mar 23, 2012 5:00am PDT
in 2005 for 40 and 41 other states usually meat packers from indiana. but you about the guest today. but shute in a pool and you didn't even know it. tune in on monday and there's just blank space. >>> and its board stream comes through for a woman in a wheelchair. her video hers' first bungee jump is going bar long line. >>> i would be screaming sealed. this is over a bridge in wissler british columbia the 25 year-old won a contest sponsored sponsored by in venture company organizers say it is perfectly safe to of bungee jump in a wheelchair. i actually done and i try bungee jumping off a little thing it wasn't the big giants bungee like that but certainly not a wheelchair. it is 555 the next half-hour his days at all go with the school says no but the controversy over who the high schooler wants to bring. and what killed with the houston weeks after the singer and received results of our autopsy. >>> some new information this morning on the disappearance of a morgan hill teenager pertaining to some clothing was found in her purse c,,,, ♪ [ camera shutters clicking ] ♪ ♪
Mar 16, 2012 2:30am PDT
of the tournament. i don't know if we can call it an upset with vc yurks anymore. they win 62-59. they get indiana tomorrow night. it's been 66 years now since harvard has been to the ncaa tournament. the 12th seed crimson takes on my vanderbilt come mon doors. jeffrey tailor with the steal hammers it down. vanderbilt opened an 18-point lead but give harvard credit. they came back. a late rally. a steal here. brandon curry going to lay it in. cuts the lead to nine. little bit of a panic time for vanderbilt fans because we've seen this before. head coach kevin stalling not pleased. his team holds on to win. they held off harvard winning 79-70. vanderbilt against wisconsin tomorrow night. three seed baylor, a lot of people picking an upset in this one. uniforms that make oregon football blush. look at these things. stop it. taking on 14th seeded south dakota state. the jack rabbits open with a 14-5 run. pierre jackson. he's good. left-handed lay-up. baylor up eight at the break. second half, baylor's offense starts clicking. they survive a bit of a scare. they hold on to win 68-60. they get unlv nex
Mar 17, 2012 5:00am PDT
. it is a dramatic perspective inside the ef. 4 tornado that hit this school in indiana. appear amazing look at what the cameras reveal in just 70 seconds. two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lois... who chose two aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] try aleve d for strong all day sinus and headache relief. >>> a revealing look this morning at the ef-4 tornado. cameras were rolling in the henryville school. minutes after the students got back inside the school, this is what happened. the tornado hit. about 80 staff, teachers and students were inside the school at the time. incredibly, nobody was injured. let's check back in with republic olds. isn't that incredible? you look at that. wow. >> it's a true testament about tornados how they can strike to quickly. they can form anywhere on the planet. it's just the opposite of, say, a hurricane
FOX News
Mar 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
of the state over towards indiana and kentucky. romney looks for big big turnout out of cleveland and columbus. this is a quintessential republic establishment state. lots of blue collar voters that santorum and unionized voters that santorum can court. and a long long history of republic presidential king making. ohio the bellwether state that has been right with who it picks for the general election more than any other state in the country. it's going to go right down to the wire it could be a late night. romney was down by a dozen points in ohio just a week and a half ago. but the strength of his win in washington state, he has actually won five consecutive contests in the last two or three weeks. has helped him come back significantly. and the victory in nearby michigan in the state that he was born certainly doesn't hurt. the idea that tonight is going to be consequential enough to knock anybody out of the race, it's very hard to imagine that just to give you an idea about it, newt gingrich is going to get his secret service protection starting tomorrow night. so he he is going on. rick s
Mar 9, 2012 2:40am PST
out the school year. district administrators in henryville, indiana just announced their 1,200 displaced students will be bused o'two temporary schools in nearby towns. high school and middle school towns will be in an industrial building. the younger kids will go to a former private school. >> we're excited to figure out where they're going to be going. they're going to keep all the elementary in one school. it will be an adjustment. but you know, we're stronger than those tornadoes. so we'll all come together and we'll make it through it. >> resilience in the face of tragedy as always. elementary students will resume classes there in about ten days. >>> another tragic avalanche in the northwest. the bodies two of skiers have been found in wyoming. buried under mounds of snow. steve robio and chris onafor, both well-known back country skiers, were caught in an 11,000-foot slide at grand teton national park on wednesday. searchers found them after picking up signals from their avalanche beacons. >>> well, that powerful solar storm that threatened the earth's magnetic fields
Mar 6, 2012 6:00am EST
a tornado in indiana,, heltering &pthem in hii mobile home.but i swepttthemmaway, ultimately killing all five, including 14-month-old angel babcock. saw death at his door."i put my arm kind of ovee annel and got her to get down, you know. i was likeedown. i told her; i said, 'lay down lat!' and i down flat!' hat's like thee and i just started prayingg"a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids, but she ended upp aad the other leg above the ankle."i was reaching around holding them, and trying to 3 keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them.""i had two sseel beams n my legs, and i couldn't move. i was stuck."and a man in missouri got something precious back. "an engagement ring i gave my wife 10 years ago.""i was just kept igging and digging until we got to where it wassat. with all this stuff here. how &pdo you finn it?""i called her and she was crying."meanwhile, kentucky senator mitch mcconnell says fema has staated damaae assessment in &pthe hard-hit town of west piberty."we'll do everything we can to try to help these livess"i'm greg black ir
Mar 6, 2012 7:00am EST
of destruction, the storying comes out of the hardst hit areas are heart breaking one indiana woman lost her leg saving her children from a tornado. >>> 36-year-old stephanie decker was alone at home with her two kids they took shelter in the basement of their three story home she covered her children with her body as the horse was torn apart she lost one leg above the knee the other above the ankle the children were not injured. >>> hmm. >> all right >> mothers love. >> yeah, that is tough we wish her and her family the best. >> certainly do. >> it is time to find out what is happening with our weather luckily calm conditions prevail, tucker has that for us and more. >> and more. >> and more. get to the more first time now for my first 5 photo of the day, this is the cuteness factor. yes, everybody guess who this is? >> anaya. >> thanks tony. >> you said guess. >>> she looks so glamorous. >> yes, this is anaya guess what she loves to do? >> be glamorous and wears lip stick. >> oh,. >> and apparently, she put it on all by herself. >> she did a good job too. >> yeah, takes a little practice. >>
Mar 22, 2012 5:00pm EDT
east as well. tomorrow, parts of indiana, ohio, kentucky, tennessee down to the gulf have a slight risk of severe thunderstorms. this weekend, we could even get thunderstorm activity on saturday and sunday as well. tomorrow we will be just ahead of the storm. a warm day, a 78-83 with the southeast winds at 5-10. on the day, weaves around 1 foot. scattered thunderstorms in the mountain. temperatures will start trending downward. eastern shore locations tomorrow should be warm except right on the shore of the bay. ocean city, salzburg, a southern delaware, a tomorrow. a little bit cooler on the beach and then some thunderstorms rolling in saturday and sunday. we are going to warm up to more of an cool off over the weekend. shower chances of 60% for saturday and sunday. breezy, dryer and a little bit cooler for monday and tuesday. bellows could move down to the 30's 4 -- the los could move down to the 30's for tuesday and wednesday morning. >> tonight, local officials say they are joining the fight to fix our water. >> those gas prices just keep on going up. a live >> gas prices made anoth
Mar 12, 2012 9:00pm CDT
baptist church of hammond, indiana was packed this morning as mourners said goodbye to corrections officer britany meux. she was killed and three of her fellow officers were injured when they were struck by a hit and run driver while jogging last week.meux, who began her career as a marine, was honored with a huge turnout by law enforcement personnel from near and far. this is a tribute to the officer. the way the law enforcement community it turned out. they came from as far away as new york and florida. it is just ... the thin blue line was there to support the family. 42-year-old jason cozmanoff turned himself in late last week. he's charged with multiple counts of failing to stop after an accident involving death and serious injury. only a couple days of freedom left for rod blagojevich. the former governor must report to a colorado federal prison on thursday. he'll be spending his last time in chicago with his family -- and the media. blagojevich is planning one last news conference before leaving for the federal pen. having been a witness at the trial reporters asked mayor emanuel t
Mar 22, 2012 5:00pm EDT
coming in to illinois, indiana, down through parts of kentucky and tennessee. and that is that slow moving storm system and it will be getting here by saturday, lingering through on sunday and that is the change we're talking about in terms of what will be coming this weekend. no big surprises in the forecast for the last few days. check out the temperatures, especially culpeper, 84, fredericksburg, 83; here in town where we should be, about 76 degrees. and that is some 20 degrees above where we should be this time of the year, and frederick is no close to 80 degrees. i think we will do it tomorrow. i think for tomorrow, we'll have more sunshine and we'll start off milder. so, therefore, here in the city tomorrow, we're talking lower 80s to the south-southwest and i think easily into the mid-80s and warmer than that considering today with limited sunshine down there, they're already into the mid-80s and real, real good, kind of putting a period on the workweek and the changes this weekend. we'll talk about that full forecast in a few. brian. >>> the fox 5 weather app puts the foreca
Mar 25, 2012 10:00pm EDT
this mother lost both her legs from the tornado that devastated kentucky and indiana. tamara evans shares this inspirational story. >> reporter: there's a lot of work to be done to this house. before stephanie decker finally returns home. >> help out joel and stephanie and little reece and dee so they can have a home since theirs was destroyed. >> reporter: this is one of two homes belonging to the deckers. stephanie was protecting her kids from the tornado in their basement, and was crushed by debris. doctors had to amputate her legs. >> good thing to come out and help. wasn't even a question. we were all on top, ready to come out here and help this morning. >> reporter: so volunteers and players from joe decker's high school baseball team are pitching in to help. they helped move the family renting the decker's home out, and spent the weekend getting it ready for stephanie to move back in, from taking out carpet, to installing floors. the goal was to make things easier when she gets out of rehab. >> they've added an addition to the back of the house, i think it's a master bedroom, that
Mar 8, 2012 6:00am EST
, arlington, and prince george's county. a cool front is producing rain in western indiana and ohio. between now and then we'll have a lot of clouds. sunrise is in less than a half an hour and we'll have temperatures in the 60s to near 70 with a blustery wind this afternoon. look at the evening planner. that chance for rain, that will be in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. an update. the crash is out of the roadway. it's in your shoulder lane. jammed out of frederick and slow through urbana. chopper 4 is live over i-270 in germantown. you can see southbound picking up a lot of volume but you're still traveling at a decent travel speed. not seeing any accidents. you can see you're starting to hit the brakes a bit in germantown. traveling inside the beltway, not bad at all. 61 miles an hour at east-west highway. kenilworth, you're at 63 mails an hour. not seeing any issues. eun, over to you. >> new from overnight, firefighters responded to a call at the fbi building in northwest. a small fire started there around 1:30. we're told it started in a trash can in one of the upp
Mar 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
's talking kentucky and they should. everybody's talking indiana/kentucky matchup. oh really? well the reason why kentucky lost that game at indiana, went 10 for 17 at the free-throw line and missed a lot of free-throws at the end of the game. indiana hits the three to beat them. they're looking at christian laettnor history matchup, it's not going to happen. baylor is playing very well with perry jones iii and kentucky still, even though here's the side bar, kentucky and the sec conference tournament, 12 for 53 shooting threes, i would play them like playing joe kernen, play six feet you'd be lucky to shoot an air ball but kentucky gets in new orleans. >> i'm more identifying with and i played with you and my six foot putt is usually an air ball. not my shot. all right, good. >> i got to go to the west. >> finally, finish that. >> michigan state, they got the easiest seeds out there. why? michigan state is strong, physical, blue collar team, dramn brown is the coach on the floor, tom izzo the picasso of basketball. marquette and louisville there's no beast in the big east this year but misso
FOX News
Mar 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
. that's why mitch daniels, former governor of indiana, he says, look, this is a national-- we're on the road to national ruin. and we kind of almost ignoring this as our nation's finances get worse and worse and not paying the attention we should. >> clayton: mitch daniels says we need to get this under control otherwise the financial disaster is looming. i want to throw you some liberal signs here that paul krugman rolled out. roll with this. >> see what i can do for you. >> clayton: i enjoy your response it paul krugman. he says the debt isn't a big deal at all. look, the right wing is having us believe it's a problem. we're borrowing money against ourselves it's not money we owe foreign country. it's false debt. . >> i he says the stimulus plan should have been much bigger, not one trillion, 2 or 3 trillion dollars and that debt doesn't matter we're borrowing at a low rate of interest. here is problem. the rate of interest is going up. it's more expensive for america to borrow and we're at that tripping point where we're paying so much in interest on all of this debt that a
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